A race worth running…

March 3, 2007

Do you ever ask yourself why some people go through so many more things (tough, hard things) than others…

I have looked over my life and realized that many things have not come automatic, but that I have had to contend for them, and work real hard to get through them.  ( I know many people have done the same) And i am realizing more and more, that the Lord has so much more of a bigger plan than our little or big things we go through.

He knows what is coming, He knows what it is going to take and that we need to be a pure and spotless bride. One that will stand when no one else can stand, one that will fight because she is lovesick, one that will not deny her true love but will finish the race well.. its all for this, its all because He is WORTHY… and not one else is even close to it.. Oh i love HIM i love who He is and that i get to spend my life and time and energy and love out on Him…

Oh, Lord, i am grateful for your endless mercy that surrounds me today!!


A blog long promised!!

February 14, 2007

So i have been wanting to right a blog on my sister Jen for a long time… and i thought because i love her so much i will attribute this valentine blog to her…

I just want people to know who she really is…. things she would never say about her self.. here are the top 5..

  • She is one of the most giving people i know… very selfless, and gives in times of plenty and times of lack… thanks Jen!
  • She loves the Lord with her whole heart, and is always seeking to know Him more… always setting things before Him, and is very willing to change adjust if this is what is required of her..
  • She is an extremely caring, loving person.. she is greatly burdened if ones that she loves are burdened and will do anything to love them and care for them… she truly goes out of her way for others.
  • She not only knows how to minister to the Lord with strength in her weakness, but she knows how to have fun and enjoy her life while exalting the Lord!!
  • Last but not least she is gorgeous not only on the inside but on the outside, she carries her beauty so well….

So if you don’t know Jen personaly, i would highly recommend taking time to get to know her – your life will be inriched greatly!!

I love you Jen…. Happy Valentines Day!!!


Nothing like a father…

February 12, 2007

Tonight as i tried to comfort Enoch in every way possible to put him to bed, i realized that all he really wanted was his father – Adam.  This is very unusual for bedtime, as i am normally his comfort at bedtime.  So I gave him to Adam and I just sat back and watched as Adam sang to him and prayed over him.  He just lay on Adams shoulder, it was like he  dissolved with comfort and love all the way till he fell asleep.

This is how the Father in heaven is, He loves to hold us.  He loves to sing songs over us, and rock us to a place of rest.  He loves us just melting into Him, until all else fades away and we go into deep reliance and comfort that He is the safest place on earth for us..

I tell you there is nothing like a fathers love – nothing like THE FATHER’S love!!

I encourage you to just rest in the Fathers arms and let Him sing over you the songs of your life!!


Once again i am back!!

February 11, 2007

It feels like this season the blog world around me just died down, and for some reason i just went with it.. but i am eager to be back, and to write…

I am not sure if i have officially announced this, but we are booked, yes that is right, we are leaving the end of March and will be back the end of April from South Africa, oh yes you heard right, i am going home.. and i am going to see my family!! YIPEE!!

The past 7 years have been amazing and i did not always understand the Lord’s ways, but i held on to the mighty hope that He has put into my heart and I am a better person for hoping than growing disappointed…..

On a different note, the Lord really came and manifested Himself last Wednesday at our EGS service… it felt like a little bit of heaven opened up for us and His glory came in a tiny glimpse, which felt like a huge wave… i cant explain it much but i know that the Lord truly touch me and many others, and the fruit of it is that my heart rejoices and i love Him so much more.. Praise the Lord.. Come again Lord!!

Last Night we celebrated BEN and Bekah’s wedding… i love weddings, i get so jealous… i always remember that incredible feeling of the day.. and the moment you ride away with each other, and the veil of singleness has lifted and the feeling of the angels dancing all around you… Oh i feel like i bottled that feeling and it is stored deep in my heart and every time i go to a wedding it starts to overflow again and my heart longs to be the bride!!

Well hope all is well… love you all much… may the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you….


Grace for the Word

January 23, 2007

I love the season i am in at the moment.  It is a season of life in the word of God.  Ok, so i have read the book of Revelations many times, but for the first time ever i feel like i am ready a story  book that i cant put down.  Not only is it interesting  but i understand it and have revelation on it in amazing ways.. I feel like i am building a puzzle and every time i look down i see the exact piece that needs to be put in next to make the picture whole..

I love the Lord and how He works with us.  He is amazing and does things in His very own time, and knows that i will just be ok with it not been my time.  I love the way He loves me and allows my heart to overflow with life.  I love that He gives me chance to fail and yet picks me up and allow me to go for it one more time..  I just love the Lord so much today!!

Have you thought how people do it with out the Lord, how do you survive with out knowing the love that He feels for you and in turn the love that He allow you to feel for Him – how do you do it with out Him is a mystery to me..

 Lord I love you so much..

P.S. Today,  I love the fact that the Lord gave me a husband that loves me with all his heart and in the same breathe makes me laugh till i could literally “pee” in my pants… Thank you, Lord!


I Desire…

January 20, 2007

I woke up this morning desiring to be such a voice for the Lord.  This might sound strange, but I want to be faithful to the point that the Lord calls me faithful.  I want Him to trust me to the point that He tells me His desires and secrets, and I am able to walk with a prophetic voice from which He has spoken… I desire….

Yes He has used my life in many ways at different times and for different seasons, but I desire to be constant in heaven, to be one that has been found faithful in His eyes… Oh how I desire….

P.S. The one thing i love today, is that i have a opportunity to love the Lord more….


Things I Love….

January 18, 2007

So i thought i would write a couple of things that tickle my fancy in life….

  • I love family, i love the joys and and the hope that family brings into my heart… especially my dear Adam and Enoch!! (Adam has the ability to make me laugh till i wet my pants)
  • I love a good piece (or few pieces) of white South African Chocolate
  • I love a hot bath with lavender in it.. (anything with lavender just about does it for me)
  • I love good friends, i love friends that you can be real with, and not have to hide anything.  I love friends, that will not judge or compete, but will love you with all your dark but lovelies..
  • I love any kind of ice-cream that is not fat free… i basically love anything that can make you fat…. (i say rather fat and happy, than thin and miserable)
  • I love a good true story movie… oh i love those, with a rainy day, and a bowl of popcorn..
  • I love seeing people happy and been set free into the things of God.
  • I love the fact that i get to build the house of the Lord, and wait for His mighty return in doing it..
  • I love to love the Lord with all my heart and at the same time knowing that He is enjoying me even more…

Ok, so i can go on and on about the things i love… i think i will start a new blogging tradition – at the end of every post i am going to tell you about one more thing that i love or makes me tick…..